Hey friends. Goodness I don’t even know where to start.

In todays video,  I am talking about some past events, we have already weathered through.

These past days have been emotionally and physically exhausting. But it’s like I told our group, it is not cancer, it is not an emergency and we will get through this.

We can speculate a lot, on what happened to our YouTube Channel for it to be taken down. It was my time, it was just my time. That’s all I know to say.   I wish they would say why. There has not been a word spoken of what drove them to take my channel down.

Here is my New YouTube Channel.

This isn’t the first time I have lost my channel. When I first started, I had 500 subscribers and my channel was growing. I had a girl  working for me.  One morning around 5am, I was getting multiple messages from one of the admins. The situation escalated.  First the thumbnails were taken off the channel and shortly after that, my channel was 100% gone. That my friends, was devastating. But, we started again and rebuilt the channel. I think it was harder the first time I lost my channel than this time.

Our Facebook group. We had around 5,000 members. That Group was taken down
because of a mass attack. We came back from that and restarted our little group.

With YouTube this time, I don’t know what happened nor does anyone else, except YouTube. My channel was taken down with no warning. I had not gotten any strikes or violations.  I was like… Oh Great, here we go again. Thank God everything is backed up.  At this point I don’t know what I can even put on YouTube.

What YouTube does offer me is a platform that I can reach out to each of you. I love that.  I am feeling better talking about this. I had horrible anxiety today.

I’d like to do a huge shoutout to some influencers who have reached out and supported me. Stacy from Gorgeously Aging, Lori, TJ from TJ’s Tribe, Annie from
Bikini Beauty and Amanda from Aging Disgracefully. If I’m missing anyone, I am so sorry. The majority Of our community is a like minded community. We work together and support each other.

All the support from members, subscribers and influencers, has given me strength. That’s what makes it all worthwhile.

I don’t know when I’ll be back filming, I thought today I would do a TCA peel.  But, I just don’t have it in me today. I need to let my body heal a little bit more and catch my breath. It’s hard to find direction right now.

I have set up a new channel and I am shook on how many people have already Subscribed. Everyone of you mean the world to me. I went through a divorce and I did not have the support that I have right now, within this community and that is a beautiful thing.

DIY55 will survive. DIY55 would not survive without its classy friends.  I do really appreciate all the members in the Facebook Group who want to send money and tips. That is so kind. But really, if you would use my code: DIY55 with our vendors, just like you are already doing, that is more than enough. It is my privilege to have you in my world. We will get back on our feet and we will be ok. I just remind myself there is much worse things that could happen that what is happening right now. That puts in perspective for me. I love y’all.

YouTube Video posted below.

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