Hey There!
I’m Dana.

Hello my classy friends, I’m so thrilled you stopped by!

I’ve always been a huge glam girl. Big hair, long lashes and sweet tea .

I started my DIY journey in March of 2020.  When the pandemic hit and we were in lock down is when I really started taking DIY serious. Actually I was so Fascinated with the entire industry. I couldn’t feed my hunger to learn more.  Very soon DIY55 became my career and life.

I so look forward to continuing to grow with each and everyone of you .


Why the name – DIY55?

The name DIY55 was my age 55 when I started taking care of me. It’s been the most incredible journey getting to know each of you. I see the internal change as well as the physical.

My Family

I have spent most of my life in Arkansas but moved to Texas 8 years ago.  I have 2 beautiful grown children Jonathan and Mandy Blair and 4 grandchildren.

My partner in crime is Tom and we have now been together 9 years and have combined our 4 children and 12 grandchildren. We truly are a blessed couple.

Before DIY55

In my early life, I worked in the glam world but worked in sales for AFLAC for 22 years, receiving numerous sales awards throughout my career.

It’s a DIY Journey