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Katies Story – November 11, 2021


Hello all my DIY55 Classy Friends!

I truly love and appreciate you all, and wanted to reach out and share a little about me.

Beauty and Skincare is something that has always been part of me. It brings me inner peace and happiness, and I love to share that with others.

I have been blessed to have had the best career in Esthetics, and have worked with and along side the best people and have build some incredible relationships. ?

Covid 19 was a major game changer for the industry, and I decided it was time for me to expand, and step from behind the facial bed and into the world of Online Skincare and Beauty!

During this time, I found Sweet Dana on Facebook. I watched her videos, and immediately felt like we shared the same loves and passion for skincare and helping others. I made it a personal goal of mine to help the DIY Skincare world and DIY55.

While starting GetGlowing, I grew to really love the DIY55 group and of course our Sweet Dana. Once I had the site all up and running, I sent Dana a message, asking if she would be open to a new vendor, and she was so excited. The rest is history.

My goal with Get Glowing Skincare, is to be the Light in your Skincare Journey. I want to help make you smile, and feel your absolute best!

Hope this gave you a little insight on me, and my approach to Beauty and Skincare. I love being able to help you all with your Skincare, and DIY needs.

Thank you for all your love, support, and kindness. –  Katie (Katie Fleming, Get Glowing Now Skin Care)

USA Trusted Vendor


If you want a good US vendor, Katie Fleming from Get Glowing Now Skincare is bomb!

Katie is actually a master esthetician.  You know it is a wonderful thing when you bring someone in that’s got years and years of experience out in the field and they are willing to share their information with you for free.

Please give Katie a try!! We want to support our US vendors we really do!

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