Tonight I am going to be working with the Black Beauty Monster Pen on some Threads that have Kicked Up.   I usally use the Black Beauty Monster from Get Glowing Now Skin Care 2-3 times and then the Thread will settle. I start with the Flat Head  and the Fractional  setting.  This helps the tissue heal and produce collagen in that area.

I also lay some 31g x 12mm Threads in the Eye Area. These are a very delicate thread and you do need to be a bit careful when working with them.  This is the smallest guage thread that is made (that I know of).  31g x 12mm are carried by GlamDerma and Get Glowing Now Skin Care.

YouTube Video is posted below.

I talk about the Curenex Daily Booster that I love.  This is a topical serum, you cannot inject this product.   I use the Black Beauty Monster – Waffle Head to help to push products into my skin.

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Fibroblast - Black Beauty Monster - - featured product

Mono PDO Threads | Get Glowing Skin Care 

Black Beauty Monster and PDO threads curenex image


Black Beauty Monster and PDO threads curenex image

31g x 12mm  | Glamderma

31g x 12mm | Get Glowing Skin Care

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