How many times have I spoken with all of you about Fibroblast and what it has done for my eyes. Today we will be looking at the Black Beauty Monster Pen from Get Glowing Now Skincare.

Something I did notice when I was looking these pens up was there a lot of knockoffs. If you purchase one, make sure you purchase the real deal. If you want a knock off… go for it, because it is your decision.  As for me I’m excited to be using this one.

Yesterday I ironed out my skin with the flat little tip that comes with the pen.   I thought I would go right in with fibroblast, but I’m going to stick with the little head and I’m going to hit the neck. I’ve mixed up a half of one syringe of Hyaluron from Acecosm and I’ve mixed up a whole tube in my Stem Cells. I am working with my little spatula which I get at the dollar tree. I love them because they do not waste any product. I can tell you, if you get to much product or to thick, it kind of does not connect. I don’t feel that tingly as much as I do with less product. When you do get contact you feel little tingles.

I’m not sure how often I can do this, I’m going to have to check. I hope that I can do this procedure weekly. I know with fibroblast it’s monthly.

You will also notice another little head with wiggles in it. I think that head is good for acne scars and it is also a product driver.


Sculpt my Nose


I also needed to dissolve filler in my nose. I have a very lumpy nose and I’ve probably put a picture of my nose in my Facebook group. Today I want to go ahead and dissolve some of the filler in my nose. I did just tiny dots, trying to do some sculpting where I see bulk. Sometimes when you use filler dissolver the results are pretty immediate. Where I can see a little width in my nose, I did micro tiny little units. I may look at this again later and I might think I need a little bit more. I will keep my dissolver for the next 6 hours and then after that I will discard it.

We all love filler, but I think that there is a level of expertise that needs to come with it. It takes
time for an injector to figure it out. When working with filler, I just can’t say how important it is to have Hyaluronidase, from AceCosm, on hand. You will think you’ll never use it and hope that you never use it, but it is mandatory that you have it on hand. it’s very inexpensive to purchase. The way I mix by Filler Dissolver is I do 3 mils. I’ve heard anywhere from 2 mils to 5 mils. You will have to figure out which is best for you. I’ve never had to use this in an emergency, but if I did it wouldn’t take me long to mix it up.

How to Reconstitute Filler Dissolver | Hyaluronidase Liporase

I truly appreciate each one of you joining in with your encouragement on just a healthy eating healthy exercise type thing. I have been trying to build that right leg strength up from my back surgery and it’s doing great. I feel your support and Thank You for not judging me.

Thank you

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