I promise I do have clothes on in my video. I am wearing a little pull up tube top and I am going to expose a part of my body I’m not proud of at all. I’ve always had bigger big arms, that’s kind of my makeup.  I’m 5 foot 8.

The last two years I’ve had a lot of health conditions. I’ve had many problems in my life, this is probably one of the very least of a real problem. Today I will be working on my fat arms. I can’t do weight bearing exercises because I have autoimmune and some osteo. I have major bone things but I can use these arms and I’ve got some exercises that I can doing to help snatch this up.  Let me tell you, every day of every week I’m going to fight the aging process. I’m not a quitter and neither are you. 

You have all  stuck with me through some stuff in this last year and I appreciate that. Fat arms
is just one of the very few things that I have to show and now I guess I don’t have to hide it. I can be on camera withbad arms. I feel like that I’m as close to all of you as I am to my family.

It has come to the point that I’ve hid my arms this whole time and I’m coming out of hiding. These are my arms are horrible.  They have so much fat in them. I’ve been so embarrassed to even put them on camera. but you know what, if we can’t do it together and look at each other’s ugliest parts then we’re in the wrong group. If you can’t handle my fat flabby arms you’re not alone I can’t either. I  keep them all covered up, I don’t show them.

Today I am breaking free from that. I have started a healthy eating program. I’ve been on it for some time and I have lost some weight, not anything to brag about. I’ve got about 20 pounds to go to get back to pre-Covid and then we’ll talk about what’s next after that. I am just being very raw and very honest, I’ve never been a real skinny person, even in high school I was a 10 or an 11.  Honestly I don’t know what size I am now,  because I wear stretch clothes. I wear things that I know are going to be big enough for my boobs.

I’m feeling so much better health-wise. I feel like I can exercise now.  Major surgery will kick you when you’re down and it will kick you on your ass 10 times over.   Thank goodness I have wonderful doctors and I’m finally at a point where everything  has kind of leveled out and I’m feeling really good.

No more excuses from this gal.

I’m 56 years old and i have scars and battle wounds, I’ve had babies c-sections and many surgeries.  Fat arms are probably not that big of a deal compared to all that.

Remember my friends. Be kind, be kind to yourself most importantly, because you are enough. Spread Peace and Love.

SlimPoint for Body

Today, we are going to be working with SlimPoint for the body from Get Glowing Now Skincare.   Let me tell you if this stuff works on my arms and on my lower abdomen, we have a miracle. Even when I’m thinner, I’ve always had big arms that’s just how I was made. I was built a lot like my grandmother and she was a tall and she was a bigger boned person.

i am going to use 5 mils of SlimPoint per arm. Now you decide what works for you. I’m going to use a 13 a 30-gauge 13 mm.

I didn’t feel any burning with the SlimPoint Body. 

I went in a line, because this is my starting point.

I think that I can repeat this every seven days and hopefully with diet and exercise we’re going to have some results. Well, we are going to have some results because I don’t take no very well.

SlimPoint has a lot of vitamins in it. I got my package today and I’m like wow I cannot believe all the vitamins.

I started from the very bottom of my arm, the fattiest area.

It’s very important to stay extremely hydrated.

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