Hi friends, today we are going to look at SlimPoint Fat Dissolver from Get Glowing Now Skincare.

I am truly excited to do a series on Slimpoint fat disolver. I did a small amount 7 days ago and I felt like I was really getting good results. So decided to do a series of treatments. 

This is a rather new fat dissolver for me.  I have seen a couple of other people using it, but I haven’t really checked up on what their results are.  We are definitely documenting this and we’re gonna see that what the results are.

Under the chin it is recommended that you go in 5 mm.  Today I will be going in 4mm.

SLIMPOINT FAT DISSOLVER TIP:  It is extremely important that we stay very hydrated before and after.  Staying hydrated helps our body process the fat burning products and get it out of our system.

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