Today I wanted to work with something that I’ve actually had for about three or four weeks and I
just have not been able to fit it in, but today is the day we’re going to do a complete meso treatment.

This is our Elaxen PDRN. Both the Elaxen PDRN and the PLLA Elastin Mask come from Acecosm.

I love the mask and that is why I bought this product. Basically it is salmon sperm which is used to rejuvenate the skin. Great for fine lines and it brings moisture. I have not used salmon sperm before, I know a lot of you have and have had great success. This is definitely going to be a trial.

The consistency is similar to Hyaron. I’m going to do one side of my face full meso and the other side we will try the BAP method.  Let’s see which side works the best.

This does burn some, not horrible but it burns and you probably want to numb for this.

UPDATE: This was actually filmed this morning I can already tell you I’m not a fan of the Bap technique with this product…but my meso 4mm left side is probably going to be a win win …I will update in my Facebook group .

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