NEW PATTERN for Eye Lift – The Circle C !!!

Today I am working with this new pattern and Miracle L from Acecosm.

I have been working with the Circle C Pattern for my Eyes for sometime now.  This is the first time that I have filmed it, but it’s truly worked great for me . 

YouTube Video posted below.

Miracle L

is a South Korean drug based on a colloidal solution of polycaprolactone (PCL). Biodegradable polyester has been used in medicine as a suture material for several decades. It is absolutely safe and eventually is completely eliminated from the body. In cosmetology has found application as an effective collagen reducing agent.



Polycaprolactone is FDA approved and CE Certified


Hypoallergenic, therefore ideal for skin rejuvenation in the presence of hyaluronic acid allergy


Replenishes the natural volume of tissues by stimulating collagen regeneration


It has a liquid form, does not contain microparticles, therefore it is easily introduced into different dermal layers


It has a long validity period of more than 1 year


Product purpose:

The drug Miracle L is used in injection therapy for lifting the skin of the face, back of the hands, decollete. The product is injected into the dermis with a 31 G needle, 4 mm long using the nappage technique or papules.


Provides the following effects:

  • Hydration
  • Improved turgor and elasticity
  • Smoothing small wrinkles
  • A lifting
  • Whitening, improving complexion

Content Credit:  Acecosm

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