Hey Classy Friends. Today we are using a product called Celosome Aqua from Acecosm.

I am going to do a Liquid Rhinoplasty or a Liquid Nose Job. I’m ok with my nose now, but I was very uncomfortable with it growing up.

I am also going to plump my Ear Lobes.  Your earrings look so nice when you have your earlobes plumped. I’ve been treating mine for some time now.

Celosome Aqua is a Non-Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid. It has incredible staying power. This is the closest thing I’ve ever worked with that, injects like filler and  is not a filler. There is no risk of VO.  This is a mesotherapy product, but I would be incredibly careful using this as a meso treatment.  I would not meso it all over my face.

I am using a 30-gauge 4mm Meso Tip.

Update on My Skin.  I’m going to call the product I have been working with the last few days – BB Glow on Steroids. I’m loving it!  It feels really good not having to wear foundation. This product has brought a smoothness to my complexion. I can see the extra hydration from the product. 

Spread Peace and Love. Be Kind.
Bye y’all

YouTube Video posted below.

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