Wow! What a day a week this has been in the sale world! With AceCosm, I tell you that when they put on a sale, they put on sale.

Today I am going to treat my Platysma Bands with Nabota and I am going to treat them stronger than last time. We are going to be working with Nabota which is absolutely my favourite Tox. For me, I normally start seeing results in 48 hours. If you are interested in Nabota, AceCosm does have a very good price on Nabota 200.

The other product I am going to be working with is Curenex – Mesotherapy. Curenex is one of those Mesotherapies that I always keep on hand. I have other Mesotheries that I’ve used, but I am blown away with Curenex. It’s just a beautiful product that I can always count on. I never have any type of reaction from it. We have come a long way in a year and a half. I never dreamed it was possible to rejuvenate your skin at home.

Curenex comes with 5 bottles each with 5 ml, so that’s a total of 25ml of product. It is an incredible for the price.

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