Today I want to do a little bit of Meso around my Eyes and visit with all of you.

I will be working with a product that has really impressed me called Hanheal PDRN Booster. This product has been designed for Crows Feet. I absolutely love it. It has given me a lot of good collagen around the eye.

Acecosm has come out with a really strong product. I am very impressed with the entire Hanheal line.

The other day I did 20 Cogs in the hairline. Let me warn you, the two temple sides… hurt! Not only when you are inserting the Cogs, but also afterwards. I do not think I will be treating that area going into the hairline again, because of the pain afterwards.

Saxenda. I am so excited about Saxenda. I am down 37 pounds. I feel really good. I have never upped the dose more than the 1.2 and I have been taking 2 or 3 days off for the past three weeks. I do not want to get immune to the dosage. I have not gained one single pound on my off days. when I go off. The Saxenda has helped me with proportion control. When I take the Saxenda my proportions are much smaller because I am just not hungry. I consider fruits and vegetables as free and eat as much of them as I want.

Saxenda has been a great thing for my health. No more blood pressure medication or cholesterol medication. I am completely off both.

I also went over a few Giveaways. There are 2 giveaways.

Giveaway 1

I said I was going to do a giveaway when we had 2,000 members in our Facebook Group. We are getting very close to that. In this giveaway we have a Michael Kors Purse, some Threads and a Leisure Wear Shirt and a $200 gift certificate to Get Glowing Now Skincare.

Giveaway 2

This giveaway will be on December 31st. All you have to do is be a member of the Facebook Group.

This giveaway has a total value of $600. 3 gift certificates from our favorite Vendors of $200 each for AceCosm, GlamDerma and Get Glowing Now Skincare.

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