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I wanted to do a little bit of mesotherapy with a bio stimulator, Miracle L from Acecosm

I was going to do my neck, but I have done a second round of CS lab Vline fat dissolver from Acecosm.  With the Fat Dissolver you can go out and about, but you are going to have a fat neck.  Today I definitely have swelling and the Fat Neck.  The instructions say to treat every 7 days, so I went ahead and retreated.  I want an accurate review on this product.  I have taken plenty of before pictures.  We are going to see if this product does what is says it does. 

As I said, today I am going to be working with Miracle L. It comes in a vial and there are 2 mils of product in the vial.  Instead of working on my neck with Miracle L, I am going to work on my Jawline, DAOS and Nasal Folds.  I am working with the 30g 4mm Meso Tips. 

I see more allergic reactions to the Miracle Products, than everything else put together.  So please have antihistamines ready and be sure to do a patch test ahead of time.

YouTube Video posted below.


Weight Loss Update. 

With Saxenda and healthy eating, I have lost about 42 pounds.  I am only 12 pounds from my goal weight. 

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