Today I am working on my hair and scalp with a product  called Dermaheal PTX Platinum HL from Get Glowing Now Skin Care.

I will be microneedling this into my scalp with my Dr. Pen. I do know of a few people who Meso the Dermaheal HL but I have not. I’ve only used my DR Pen and it’s worked beautifully.

I’ve been treating my scalp now continuously for three months. I love the Dermaheal products. It comes with 2 vials, each 3 mils. I’m really impressed with this product and at first I was very skeptical. I can tell you that your hair is going to be healthier, it’s going to be thicker. If you have good hair already, this is not for you.

Youtube Video posted below.

Dermaheal PTx Platinum HL is an anti-hair loss solution used to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair revitalization process that results in hair regrowth and a healthier scalp.


  • Prevents hair loss
  • Boosts hair regrowth
  • Strengthens hair cells and improves thickness
  • Provides a better environment for the hair follicles.

Content Credit:  Get Glowing Now Skincare

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