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Today is Thanksgiving and we had a beautiful day with family.

Sometimes we have tiny bits of product that is left over and we don’t want to throw it away.  I take my left over products and pour them into a ramekin to make a microneedling cocktail.

Tonight my cocktail for cosmetic microneedling is 20 units of Tox, MeToo Healer PDRN Boost and a full syringe of  Hyaron.

Tip:  I take my empty Hyaron Syringe and pull up my cocktail from the ramekin into the syringe with no needle.  Makes applying to your cocktail to yout face so much easier.

I am using the 36 pin head for my Dr. Pen.  I have my pen set between .25 and .50.

GlamDerma has 20% off right now with code: DIY55, until Friday.  All of the products above are from GlamDerma.

 YouTube Video is posted below.

Hyaron Description

Image Credit:  GlamDerma

MeToo Healer Description

Image Credit:  GlamDerma

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