Curenex Snow Peel from Acecosm

Curenex Snow Peel is a no downtime peel. I have used alot of Peels and this one really excites me.  This peel is from Acecosm.

  • Curenex Snow Peel was developed to remove dead skin cells and deliver active ingredients for fibroblasts activation into dermis.
  • Consequently, improving skin metabolism and preventing the destruction of healthy skin cells during exfoliation.
  • Simultaneous Peeling and rejuvenating with Curenex Snow Peel
  • Curenex Snow Peel utilizes an innovative peeling technique that simultaneously removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates skin. The C-TOX powder, is a purified Hydrolized Sponge. The Snow Peel Activator contains salmon DNA, Glutathione, and Gluconoloctone, uniquely formulated by K Derma.
  • Curenex Snow Peel enhances skin metabolism and vitalizes damaged skin cells.

– copied from Acecosm website

YouTube Video (Snow Peel DIY55 10%) is posted below.

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Curenex Snow Peel from Acecosm

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