Tonight, I wanted to just go ahead and film a No Down Time Peel that I’ve been using that I
really like a lot. This is the Dermapeel from AceCosm.

This peel is like nothing I have ever tried. Basically, you have 4 ampules. The instructions say to put it on your face, apply a mask and leave it for 20 minutes. But, on the front of the box it says micro needle. So it was very confusing to me that it had the micro needle on it. It took me using it one time for me to really figure out what the micro needling part was.

I used this about 10 days ago for the first time. I absolutely loved the no downtime with it. I had no concerns about going in public as long as I wore sun hat and a very good sunscreen. You do not have the downtime with this like you do with a TCA peel. This peel is a very light peel. The thing that kind of blew me away with the Derma Pell is it brought the radiance back to my skin. It lightened the hyperpigmentation and the freckles. This is definitely something that I will keep on hand during the summer when you can’t have downtime or anytime during the year when you can’t have down time.

You take the lid off the ampule, you will notice that you have a rubber bottom. You place the lid into the bottom of the ampule. Then you just start applying the liquid to your face. When you’re putting this on your face, it feels a little gritty, like you have sand on your face. It feels like a scrub, but it is not a scrub.

Its a derma peel with its own microneedle properties. The microneedle i think are going to be the fibers in the cream. Once you applied everything to your face you put on a mask for 20 minutes. Take your mask off and wash your face and you do feel little fibers.

I am impressed with these results. I felt I probably needed to do a TCA peel, but I did not want to tackle one right now, while we are in the middle of all this heat across the U.S.

There is plenty of product in each ampule, I did my face, neck and my hands with this peel. My face was a little red the next day or that evening, but nothing really. Even Tom didn’t notice I had done anything. At no time did I think that I needed to not see anyone or be out of the public. I just put my sun hat on and extra sunscreen.

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