Hello Classy Friends.  Today we are going to be working on Plumping my lips.

I’m excited about 2 products today.  

I just got Beracaine (Lidocaine Spray) from Acecosm. It comes in a liquid form and you just spray it on.  I am probably more numb now than I have ever been with any of the injectables that I have used.  I don’t like to use injectables, but the cream is so messy and such a hassle.  

Today I will be working on my lips with Celosome Aqua, from Acecosm. This product actually is a hyaluronic acid and it also has in itmannitol.  It has 24m of hyaluronic acid and 9mg of mannitol.  The mannitol is supposed to plump and gives it stability, so it will have staying power without having anything cross-linked.

That’s just how i perceive this product.  I have  had many friends that have used it and absolutely love it. They’ve been telling me for months and months Dana you’ve got to try this you got to try this, I’ve been so sold on Aquashine Plus it’s hard for me to even try anything else.

 So let’s hit the lips and the jawline area.

YouTube Video posted below.

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