It is G Line Thread and Aquashine Plus time.

Today  I am going to be working with the G Line Threads from Acecosm.  The last time I worked the G Line Threads, I laid them in the cheek area.  I’ve seen tremendous volume in the cheek area and I am extremely pleased.  I’ve also laid the G Line Threads in my lips and they have never been fuller.

I did use the Black Beauty Monster, RF fractional tool last night and worked with some filler.   My lips are more plump today than they were the day before.  We are going to see how that lasts, but that’s a whole other video.

Today we are going to work on the high cheek area and I’m also going to do the Aquashine Plus.  I am 5 weeks out from my last Aquashine Plus treatment.  I am very happy to be able to put the G Line Threads in with the Aquashine Plus and see what type of breakdown we have, what type of plumpness we have and we’re just going to see what happens.

I like PDO Threads because they break down quick. You know that in eight days you’re starting to have breakdown on them. The problem with PDOs is we have to lay them a lot.

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G Line Threads

For beginners this is an easy thread to lay. You will not find a smoother thread than these.

The G Line Threads are 99.99 percent gold and have staying power!  I truly think that the gold is placed over a PDO thread or some type of form of thread. The goal here is to be poked less. To have that continuous collagen payoff that adds that spark to our skin that it just keeps on paying.

G Line Threads can have this staying power. 3 years are you kidding me? I have an addiction to laying threads so I’m sure I will be topping off whether I need it or not, but I truly would love  to pull back and just do tiny little amounts of threads just for an extra boost here and there rather than having to lay complete patterns every three months. It gets old  and expensive in the end.  The G Line Threads are expensive on the get-go, but i think in the end they’re going to end up saving  me money.

Aquashine Plus

As far as Aquashine, I use it as a treatment, I do not use it as a mesotherapy. It is designed to be a mesotherapy, but I use it with my high cheeks and under my eyes. I’ve also used it in my lips and on the jawline. 

You do get three syringes with Aquashine and they are 3 mil syringes. I will be working with a
4mm meso needle.

This product spreads out. So even if you didn’t want to go directly under your eye area you could get away with just treating the high cheek and getting some payoff from that area.

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