Hello friends. I was looking in the mirror and I have two issues that we are going to discuss. The Forehead Area and picking up my Brows.  We will also be working on the High Cheek Area.

In the Forehead and Brow area, I am going to work Neogenesis Threads 30-gauge 25mm. I absolutely love the Neogenesis Thread. They are a sturdy thread and they hold up very well. They are very easy to work with for anyone at any level.

For the Cheeks I will be working with the 30-gauge 38mm Neogenesis PDO Threads,

Katie, from Get Glowing Now Skincare, carries the Neogenesis Threads. Code DIY55 will give you a 15% discount and Free Shipping in the USA.

I’m often asked why I work with the PDO Thread so often. PDO threads give a quick payoff and they are very economically priced. I love a good PDO thread.

Talk to y’all later. Truly, truly you are a blessing. Bye Now

YouTube Video posted below.

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