Today we are going to work with the Downturned Mouth. I worked forever on my DAOs, and it took months and months. I have purposely not treated them as often as I would, because I really wanted a decent video for all of you.

It’s an exciting time to be in DIY, we have such awesome Trusted Vendors that we are able to reach out to and literally give us products that are the very best in the world.

Today it’s all about AceCosm threads. Anybody who knows me knows I love Acecosm threads!!

The threads I am using today are called Hurricane Threads. These are a Triple Thread and they are from the Aesthetic Line. These are not baby threads! They are a 26 gauge – 38mm Triple Hurricane Tornado. I’m going to lay my mesh pattern and probably use the 30 gauge – 25mm Screw Threads as well.

I laid these same threads for the high cheek area. The payoff is really good and when I plumped the cheeks it almost automatically takes care of the nasals. When I first started my Nasals were horrible. Actually everything on my face was horrible! But, with continuing treatment we are pretty good in this area now.

It’s your choice where or not to numb. Numbing is not something that I really even talk about. All of our suppliers have Numbing Products. You do need to read up on what you’re going to do and know your exact dosage.

I have treated my DAOs with Nabtota – Tox already. This is not a fun area to lay threads in especially at 26 gauge, but the payoff is so beautiful and you’re laying in that triple so you’re getting more collagen, more elastin and that’s what I particularly need in the DAOs.

BEGINNER TIP:  If this is your first time treating DAOs I would recommend going with the 30 gauge – 25mm screw thread. I love these threads and they are so easy to work with.

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