Let’s call this a manic Monday.  Today I will be doing some some threads in my ears and some of the Aquashine Plus.   Both are from AceCosm.  I also am going to work my way into the DAOs and to the nasals especially.

I like to wear my hair up on the sides and I like wearing earrings, I had gotten to the point where I wasn’t wanting to draw attention to my ears.  They were 56-year-old earlobes and that’s what they looked like.  So today we are going to plump them up.

I thought that I had some regular 13mms just in PDO.  I do not.  I only have them left in the G-Line Series from Acecosm, so I’m going to allow myself some in each ear.  So we are actually going to come in here and just start on these little pitiful ears.  They are not as bad as they were when I first started on them.  Actually I can’t believe how well the Aquashine has held up in my ears.  They’re not as saggy as they were, it’s just time for a re-touch and we’re going to plump them up pretty good with Aquashine.  I wanted to get really good volume on my ears so I can come in and lay the G-Line Series Threads. 

NOTE:  Be really careful when y’all take the caps off.  If you lose the white stopper, you’ve pretty well lost the thread, especially on 13mm.

I use Aquashine Plus for my spot treatments for my problem areas.  I put a few drops underneath my eyes every 6 – 8 weeks and that seems about what it’s going to hold for me.  I would much rather do Aquashine Plus  rather than filler under my eyes.

The G-Line Gold Threads are working so well.  I think they are going to end our weekly thread parties.  I am enjoying them and I’m curious to learn more about them.  I’ll look online often to see if new things have been written if we have new information on them.  I’ve gotten two different case studies; it was nice just to kind of study the geek side of what we think the g-line threads are going to add.  The G-Line SeriesThreads are unique to AceCosm and they are the only Vendors that have come out with a G-line Gold Line Thread series.

PDRN Elaxen Meso product from Acecosm.  I’m not going to say anything today about this product,  other than my pores are non-existent.  Check out this post for more about this product: Meso Elaxen PDRN | Restore the Aging Face | Acecosm.com | #facelift #DIY

The G-Line Thread Series.  You can order these in a 30 gauge or 29 gauge.  I’ve had a bag of 30s and I had a bag of 29s.  I am not going to be ordering the 30s anymore because the 29 gives you more thread for your dollar.  I am going to tell you inserting these threads are the smoothest thread I have ever laid it.

Today, we will be working with Nasals and DAOs.  I’ve got the 30-gauge x 38mm and the 29mm x 25mm in the G-Line Series. We are going to do a Cross Hatch Pattern. when you look in the mirror when you’re putting these in, you can see the gold on the thread.  I don’t know if these little threads sparkle on camera, but there are certain lights when I lay them up against my skin.  I can see the gold in them.  Who would have thought, last year at this time, that we would be laying 99.99% gold threads in our face?

If this will hold my DAOs in for the next three years it’ll be a lord’s miracle.  Not only am I going to get a lot of production,  I’m going to get it all the way out for support.   You know anything that we can bring in here that can take weight off of this area of our face that’s a beautiful thing.

You know one of the good things about filler is you do get that immediate payoff.   Who doesn’t want immediate pay off, we all want it.   I want to wake up and be looking all plump and gorgeous by the next day.  In the thread world, it doesn’t work that way.

Now with the G-Line Threads I’m very sparing with these.   I do not use 10 at a time on a lot of the sizes.  How do I store them?  I put them in my zipline baggie, squeeze the air out of the bag .

So, there we have it we’ve worked with our G-Line Threads today, we’ve treated our ever-present nasals.   Treating the DAOs is a huge component in having a turn or downtown mouth.

Sidenote Lips:  I have noticed that my lips have a redness and plumpness to them.   I’m absolutely thrilled that I laid the 13 mms in my lips.  I am seeing no need whatsoever right now to add any more.  My marionettes and vermillion borders are looking absolutely great.  I have a good downturn on the bottom lip and it’s from the threads.    I don’t do a lot of Tox and I don’t do the Lip flips and the stuff with the Tox very often, I don’t like it.  It makes it hard for me to talk.

Other Products Talked About

The sunscreen I’ve used exclusively this summer is from Katie at Get Glowing Now Skincare. We have companies that send us quite a bit of skin care, particularly sunscreen. there’s none that I’ve used that protects any better and  adds good moisturizer and doesn’t cause skin problems than this. I absolutely love it.

When I get ready to run out and do a couple errands sunscreen and then I go for my little gold ampoule from Get Glowing Now Skincare, it adds such a beautiful highlight and a natural sheen to the skin.  I love this stuff!  I use it morning and night.

Little HackBruising.  Arnica Tea, I get these on amazon.  I take one of the tea bags out and put in my tea before I do a procedure.  I take one of these out and put it in my tea before I do a procedure.

I drink on this and add to it and probably in about four hours  I’ll put another tea bag in there.  I think that me putting something inside the body instead of just the cream is maybe helping with the bruising.   I’m almost certain that it is it got rid of some really deep bruising that I’ve had for some time

Final Thoughts

I hope that y’all have enjoyed todays post and video.   Thank you, friends, for joining in.  I appreciate everyone so much.  We had a really good live last night in the Facebook group.  I’m not sure that time wise we’re going to be able to do a live every Sunday, maybe every other Sunday. For sure at least once a month.   I appreciate each and every one of you.

Those that are not on YouTube, there is my Facebook Group.   Those on YouTube please like and subscribe.   When you subscribe on YouTube, you’ll know when my silly goofy country self is coming on here to poke around some more.  I truly appreciate it.

As time comes on of course we have new things coming out constantly.  So many new things I can’t keep up with it. I spend way too many hours late into the night reading and looking at the new different products that we have coming available and coming up with original and new ideas that are beneficial to us.  You know if it’s a new idea and if it doesn’t benefit us it’s not worth bringing it to the table.  New ideas that can take care of existing problems, that is worth bringing to the table and I’m really happy to be able to do that.

Spread peace and love this week.  Smile on somebody beside yourself, put a smile out.  There’s a lot of ugly in this world.  Run from it,  you don’t want anything to do with it.  Bye Now


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