Tonight, I sat down to do my nighttime skincare routine and it’s also time that I assess what’s going on.

I’m starting to see hollowness in my temples.  Tonight, what I’m going to do is work with a Hyaluron Pen from Get Glowing Now Skin Care.   Katie is the representative from this Company, she is a Master Esthetician.  She worked in the field for 13 years as well as having her own business.  She ended up deciding to take a new leap in life and we’re so like certainly glad that she did because she’s a huge part of the diy55 world.  We absolutely love her so shout out to Katie for always being there to help.  Not just to make a sale but always being there to help and assist people even when it’s not even products that they’ve gotten from her.

I’m going to be working with a little bit of Neuramis Deep tonight.  I’m going to put it in my temples.   Half a mil, a quarter of a mil on each side.

NOTE:  Temples is a no-go zone it is a no-go zone with a needle, but we can fill this area with our Hyaluron Pen. With it does not mean that we’re not supposed to have precaution beside us.  Anytime that we pick up a filler, you better have your Hyaluronidase.

We’re going to come into the temples with Neogenesis Threads, 30-gauge 25 mm.  These are the most versatile thread on the market. You can get this one from Get Glowing Now Skin Care.

I’m going to keep that collagen production in the temple area.  I’m plumped up everywhere else and don’t want to lose it in my temples.  A huge sign of aging is hollow temples.

We had a lengthy discussion with the admins.  If you’re injecting filler with a needle anywhere in your body, you must aspirate.


Night Time Skin Care Routine

Rose water –  Eye and Lip remover.   I use it on my face all the time like just to do a quick cleaning.  I really do enjoy this product, it doesn’t leave my skin sticky.

Retina A is from Reliable Rx.  This stuff is real and works.  It is probably one of the holy grails in skincare.

Tox Cream is also from Get Skin Now Skin Care.  When I first got this, I didn’t love it.  I love it now.  Just a drop on the finger and it literally melts into your skin.  Very hydrating.

Honey Golden Ampoule.  I love this little ampulla, it’s like a cross between an oil and a serum, it really adds hydration to the skin.   I love it and I use it also under my makeup.

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