Hello classy friends. The countdown to Christmas is here and theparties have started.

What an incredible incredible time to be a part of the DIY Community. It’s unreal how the DIY Community has grown in the past year.  The products that are available to us, is absolutely unreal.

I’m looking at these Jowls. I know I can do some fat dissolver in the Jowl Area, but I don’t want to do that before Christmas. I have put several Cogs in the Jowl area in the last 4 weeks. Today I am going to go a little further down, under the Jawline.

Let’s lay some cogs! I am using the CSL23 38mm from Acecosm.  I do not want to bruise and I do not recommend that you do Cog Threads before an event or before a big holiday.

YouTube Video is posted below.

csl23 cog thread acecosm image term
csl23 cog thread acecosm term

Image / Content Credit:  Acecosm

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