Hello Classy Friends. Today I am working with some New Threads on the market from GlamDerma.  They are called Glam PDO Embossing Spring 29g x 38mm.  These threads are new,  I have never used or seen this thread shape before. Nothing excites me more than a new thread!

These new threads were designed as a screw thread that has “kick-ups”. I have been looking at them for about a week. I will be working with the Glam Line 29g x 38mm. This is a very well-made thread and they laid beautifully.

These threads have stability. Where you place the threads is where it is going to stay. The way these threads have been designed is to create more collagen and elasticity. I’m always excited when something new hit the market, I think GlamDerma has done a slam dunk on this one. I am very proud of GlamDerma.

I am going start with my forehead because I can feel every single thread I put in that area, and I want to see if I can feel these. I originally thought I would finish my brow lift using Cog Threads, but I wanted to give these new threads a try.

Why do I try to pull up my brows? Because you will then have more surface area in the eyelid area, and it gives the eye a more youthful appearance.

Four or five months I go, I started with fibroblast. I have pretty much maintained my fibroblast results, getting the wrinkles and sagginess out of my eyes.

After my brow I am going to work in the cheek. I lay this new thread in an upper direction and that is a totally different than I than normally lay them. They laid like a dream. For a 29 gauge and a screw, they slid in very well.

If you do want to pick up some of the Glam Threads, GlamDerma will have 20% off for the rest of the day. I think it is going to end around 10 or 11 o’clock tonight. Be sure to check their times on their website.

YouTube Video posted below.

Glam PDO Embossing Spring 29g x 38mm – Description

Glam PDO Embossing Spring 29g x 38mm – Benefits

Content Credit:  GlamDerma

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