Hey Classy Friends.

We have a New Thread in the Market from Acecosm.  A brand new size – 30 gauge 19mm.  This is one of our smaller threads. This new size comes in Mono PDO and also in a Screw Thread.

In todays video I really just want to try these new threads to see how they lay. I’m really anxious, I’ve been waiting on these.  I think this size is going to be wonderful for under the eyes and I am definitely going to do the Russian Lip Technique with them later on.

Today, I am going to do a few of them in the Nasal Folds and the DAOs.

These are going to be a very popular thread.  These 30 gauge 19mm lay beautiful and are very easy to work with and will fit into areas that we have only been able to use with the 12 and 13mm. The needle is not flimsy.  I think these are going to be a substantial thread that is going to be easy for anyone to work with.  From the Beginner all they way up to the Advanced.

I appreciate everyone of you very much.  Please be sure to like and subscribe to our New YouTube Channel.  When you order from our Trusted Vendors, please use our code DIY55 for a discount and I really appreciate it.

YouTube Video posted below.

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