Today is going to be action packed.  Russian Lip Technique, Chin and Cheeks with Aquashine and some Cog Threads in my forehead. 

I will be working with the Gold Aquashine Plus. I am really enjoying this product.
I’m going to use the plus on my lips to see how long it will hold and in the upper part of my cheek area.

The Aquashine Plus or the Gold is from Get Glowing Now Skincare. The Plus is listed under Gold where the regular is in the silver. In the box you will have 3 x 3 mil syringes. Any normal size needle will fit onto these syringes. What i have chosen to use today is my Meso Tips. This is an 8mm and I am right at the 4mm deep.

Aquashine Plus is like a filler but it is not a filler. It is so finely crossed it is only cross linked enough for staying power. it is a unique product all of its own. It is not like regular filler and it will dissolve back into the body and there is no need for concerns over VO other than what is normally concerned doing any Meso treatments.  It is always good to be prepared and have your products right beside you that you need in case you get into trouble.

The next thing that I will be doing is the Chin Area. You can use the cannula here or any size of needle you want. I am going to stick with my Meso Tip. I love the way that Aquashine pushes through the 30 gauge with absolutely no problem. If I keep aqua shine in my chin, I don’t have that orange peel look so I don’t have to treat it with Tox.

After the Chin I am doing my Cheeks. I’m going very superficial the length of the 8mm and we’ll be injecting while pulling out. I’ve been very pleased with my cheeks. once I started putting in the screw threads. Some good volume and not just a lift. Today I will be just touching on the high part of my cheeks.

The forehead region is not a fun area to work with. Actually I think I would consider it the most difficult are to lay Cog Threads in. I am working with the 23 gauge – 38mm Cog Threads from Get Glowing Now Skincare.  This is a very strong thread, but small enough to still lay. I want to run them into the eyebrow area. Now, keep in mind, this is a hard area to lay in. you don’t have a lot of room for error.

I get my Lido from MayPharm.

TIP: When working with cogs you’re going to automatically have some fails. We’re going to lose a few along the way. So remember…. sometimes you’re going to lose them, but most of the time you’re going to gain some.

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