Yes it can be done!!! Mesh pattern in lips. Starting out with the Russian technique for lip flip then adding a complete mesh pattern directly into the lip. For maximum plump !!

Today I worked with

  • 30g 13mm pdo
  • 30g 25mm pdo

Today we are going to lay some threads.  As each of you know, if you have followed me, I have worked with the Aquashine Plus in my lips.  I absolutely love the staying ability and the natural plumpness that that has given me.  Today we are doing the Russian Technique using a 30 gauge 13mm mono thread from aesthetic get these from Acecosm

With PDO you will get a quick payoff.  A PCL thread will give you 18 month to 2 year payoff.  I like to do PDOs and PCLs together, so I get that immediate benefit and I also have longevity of the PCL. 

The 30g 13mm is a very tiny dainty little thread, but boy do they pack a punch.  I use these little threads repeatedly under my eyes, in my lips, my cupids bow and so many other areas.  I am always extremely impressed using these threads.

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Threads – PDO, PCL | AceCosm

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