Today I’m doing a simple but yet effective pattern to bring volume to the lower cheek. In doing so I hope to get some of the weight off my DAO’S.

I’ve been working on the upper part of my cheeks getting some volume in there with Aquashine Plus and the 30 gauge – 25 mm Mono PDO single threads.

The 30 guage – 25mm mono pdo single threads, are one of my favorite threads ever. I keep them on hand all the time. They are so nice to have on hand if you have just a small little area and you want to lay something in there. These are a great beginner thread.

The 30 gauge – 38mm is another beautiful thread.

AceCosm sells both of these threads and they come in a package of 20.

In todays video I also talk about Aquashine and the Aquashine Plus, which I love!

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