The New Skincare – PDO Threads

Today I am as natural as it gets.  Absolutely no makeup!

Tonight, I’d like to talk to you about our simple PDO threads.  Threads ARE what is called the New Skincare.  This is what is catching on, what is getting reviews.  PDO threads are paying off.

When I started using PDO threads 1 1/2 years ago, I bought them because they were the only thing I could afford.  I’m being totally honest with you.  I have always found myself going back to PDO because of the quick payoff.  The quick payoff encouraged me to keep going.

I’m taking all my leftover threads and working with them tonight.  I have been saving my left over threads quite some time.  I have an array of threads left over.  Let’s see what we come up with.

PDO gives you a good base.  You can never go wrong with these threads.  They are my favourite!

My pattern under my chin, tonight…..I’m working with many sizes –  to name a few: 30g x 38mm, screw threads, 26g x 25mm, 30g x 25mm.

Three Things have changed my Life – Fize, Saxenda and Threads.

YouTube Video posted below.

DIY has changed my life and Losing Weight has maybe saved my Life. I was using Saxenda before Acecosm picked it up.  I was paying $200 a pen for it.  When Acecosm told me they were going to carry it, I was so excited.

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