Today I am working with the Neogenesis Tornado Threads.   They are 26G – 38mm for maximum volume lift to  restore an over 50 year old face.

I want to tell you a little bit about Get Glowing Now Skincare.  Katie Fleming and I have been partnered together for over two months now it’s been over and it’s really turned into a wonderful situation for our DIY55 community.  Katie carries the Neogenesis Tornado Threads.

The Neogenesis Tornado Threads are a beautiful thread. I will be working with the 26 gauge 38 mm and this  thread is called a tornado screw.  It is actually the smallest gauge that I’m aware of before we get into our cog threads.

Tonight I am doing a cross hatch pattern through the whole entire cheek.  The 38mm is going to be long enough for me to reach the whole cheek.

I’m also doing a little bit of top off with the Aquashine Plus. The meso tips used are from AceCosm.

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