So today we are focusing on this Turkey Neck. 12 days ago I did a small amount of Fat Dissolver and I noticed a difference but not anything significant because I only had 1.5 mils. In the near future I’m going to hit it with Fat Dissolvers very hard. Studies have shown that Fat Dissolver products do not affect the Threads.

We’re getting close to the end of the month and at the end of the month is kind of when I’ll sit down and assess what I have left over from the month. You know kind of just check my supplies and see if there’s anything in there that I probably need to go ahead and use.

Today the star of this show is going to be a 23 gauge – 60mm Hook Cog from GlamDerma. I also have 26 gauge – 38mm Twin Screw Threads from AceCosm.

I’m working with 60mm and I can lay those threads any length I want. In the video you will see you can lay these threads as little or as big as you want and that is with any cog thread.

Now, if I run into resistance with these, I will pull out. It is very difficult to replane these threads. I didn’t hear a lot of engaging with these, but I did see a lot of lift. It’s not abnormal to have to light a thread and not feel or just kind of hear it engage.

TIP: it’s not about how many Threads you lay. it’s about what to do to correct that area sometimes it
might just be two threads you need sometimes or it might be a whole pack.

TIP: Always go bevel up. If you’re going bevel up you’re automatically in a plane that the barbs are on the inside of the needle and then you can lay it down and it’s going to lay down naturally for you.

Oh my Gosh, I used some Aquashine Plus in my cheeks and undereyes and I am very pleased. I am going to be watching it to see how long that it lasts. I do understand that when using the Aquashine Plus, you need to repeat that procedure because it was made to be Meso’d in. To me Aquashine is more than a Meso product it’s stronger than a Meso product, but yet it’s safe like a Meso product. Everyone has to do their own research on what they want to do and how they want to treat. That is one of the beautiful things that goes on more in DIY.

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PDO Combi Cog 23g x 60mm  | GlamDerma

Twin Screw 26g x 38mm  | AceCosm

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