What can go wrong with a Cog !!


Hi Classy Friends, I just wanted to come on and talk a little about Cog Threads.

Let me tell you a little bit about my first Cog Thread. I had not been laying threads long at all. As a matter of fact probably the week before was the first time I had used threads. I had a 19 gauge x 100mm blunt tip Cog and I ran it too shallow. For the next eight months I could feel a line with my finger, that’s how I know for sure that cogs will last at least eight months. I am a full testimony on that. It finally did dissolve but it was not fun.

In the video I show where I have one that is two weeks old and one week old. Normally you can expect to see bumps at your entry point. There are times when you will have part of the thread that that settles into the skin and the other just has not settled yet and that can also cause the bump.

When I lay Cogs now, I make sure I have my surgical tape. I tape those areas down and I probably do it for 48 to 72 hours. I don’t go out in public with tape on my face, but I have found that not only does it help the thread to settle in, but it also helps with the discomfort level putting pressure on those nerves. I also use my black beauty monster to help settle threads. Another thing that I do is put a little extra moisturizer on it and massage that area.

Whether you use CSL23, hook Cogs or another sharp tip Cog, I don’t want you to give up on Cog threads. They have been huge In my life and have changed my jawline. The Cog threads that I have put in have definitely produced collagen and elasticity in the area.

If I am going to have what I call a “kick up”, it is usually in an area where there is not a lot of tissue. The areas where it is more meaty I don’t seem to see that “kick up” as much.

I do understand, like crap… I just put this stuff in my face and now look! I put it in here to lift and I’m not getting the lift I want it and now I have a kink. I understand. You know it’s
unfortunately part of the cog world. I actually admire all of you for stepping up and saying, Hey this is giving me problems. I sat back and wasn’t going to say anything. But these problems have taught me what to do to get it to settle and to work into the tissue.

We’ve got our holidays coming up. If you are nervous of having any of the kinks or “kick backs”, you should do your threads now so they settle before the holdiays.

You are all a part of me. You are DIY55 and you are what makes DIY55. Ii want each one of you looking your very best. Each one of you are beautiful just as you are! Absolutely beautiful! I think feeling good about yourself is as big as anything else and if you’re not feeling good about yourself then that makes me sad.

If I’ve designed a product and put it out there and you are having problems with it, let’s talk and visit about it.

If you are not getting the lift with the CSL23, then you do need to go bigger. A 23 guage is not going to lift like a 18, 19 or 21.

Be sure to watch the video posted below. For more hints and tips with Cog Threads. Spread Peace and Love…xxoo

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