Hello Classy Friends.

I hope this Eve before Christmas Eve is finding you doing well. I hope that you are in a good spot for Christmas. I wanted to tell each one of you how much you are appreciated and how much you are loved. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

I also want to do a shoutout to those that are having issues at Christmas. This can be a very sad time for some people and we certainly send them our warmest wishes and our love. We have 3 members that are facing serious health problems in our Facebook group. We are sending them extra love and support.

I was thinking just before I turned on the camera, where we were this time last year. I had only gone on my own for about 6 weeks and Beth was with me. I started our YouTube Channel first and then found that I really missed the socialization of Facebook. That’s why I started up the Facebook Group. It has grown into such a beautiful family.

I am down 40 pounds on Saxenda. Saxenda has been such a blessing, for me. I’m 57 years old and I have come off of Blood Pressure Medication and Cholesterol Medication. That’s a big deal! My hunger is very well controlled. I can already tell that my arms are much smaller from when I put the Fat Dissolver in my Arms. That video made me realize that I needed to lose major weight. I couldn’t stand to watch that video.

Today I’m going to put a few threads in the mouth / dao area. Just a simple mesh pattern using 30g 25mm PDO. This is a good beginner pattern and a very good beginner thread.  I will probably do some Fize in this area after the holidays.

YouTube Video is posted below.

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