We are going to do something different today. I’m working with the Black Beauty Monster Pen from Get Glowing Now Skincare.  It’s a totally different level.

I was visiting with Katie who is a representative of Get Glowing Now Skincare. She said that
The Black Beauty Monster Pen will penetrate products. I tried it on my skin and it turned out really well! I can’t believe how smooth my neck has been.

Today what I’m going to be doing, is working with filler and the Black Beauty Monster Pen. The fillerI am using is Neuramis Light from Get Glowing Now Skincare. It is a smaller velocity than our deep fillers and mid fillers.  I think that is supposed to penetrate more. I have never tried to penetrate filler with
anything but we are going to try today.

I do not have much filler in my lips at all. 99 percent of the plumpness is threads. I did put the G Line Gold Threads in my lips and I can really tell there is a lot of volume. I am very pleased.

So I am going to put a bit of filler on my lips and then work it in with the Black Beauty Monster Pen.

I’m not a gadget person, I don’t work with gadgets at all. This pen really impresses me.
Doing filler this way, there is no worry of Vascular Occlusion.

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