Nasal Lift with Aquashine Plus and Threads

Hello beautiful classy friends. Tonight I am going to do a nasal lift. The area I am talking about is a no-go zone area for filler. I will be using Aquashine Plus and a few threads to hold that all together.  Both products are from Acecosm.

Aquashine Plus was designed for mesotherapy, but it is more than a mesotherapy. I have used it many times the same way I would use filler.

As we age, everything falls downward including our nose. If you go back through pictures and look at your nose, if you are over 50 you will see that your nose was more raised when you were younger.

Remember .. you are precious, you are beautiful. Remember your success is going to make others jealous of you, it’s bound to happen, so be successful.


Love Dana

Youtube video is posted below.

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