What I’m going to do today is a medical microneedling. I have never medical microneedled ever in the year and a half that I have been doing diy.

I did film the first 10 minutes which is not included in this video, because of a storage issue. Basicially I was warming up the skin at a depth of 0.5 and putting on some more hyaluronic acid.

The m8 pins and the selotox are from Get Glowing Skincare. The rest of the products mentioned are from Acecosm.

Today I am using

  • Nabota 200
  • A vial of  Laennac which is placenta
  • Selatox for moisture, whitening and brightening.
  • Dermaheal – Peptides.

Products used for Medical Microneedling

Nabota 200 | Acecosm 

Laennace | Acecosm

Dermaheal | Acecosm

Website Video:

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