Hello my beautiful, classy friends. It feels good to be sitting down and just to be visiting with each one of you.

I have my Multi Threads here with me and my Aquashine Plus. Both are from Acecosm. We are going to visit and do a little bit of treatment and maintenance in the High Cheek Area. When you treat the High Cheek Area it takes weight off the Jawline.

Before we get into anything I want to update you on Saxenda. I am down 38.5 pounds. That means that I’ve just lost a half a pound
in the past four or five days.  That is standard for me. I will weigh the same for about six days and then I may drop one or two pounds. That is giving me about 5-6 pounds a month. I am thrilled. Saxenda is a beautiful thing in my life.

Multi Threads and Aquashine Plus. I always have both in my arsenal.  Today we are going to start with Aquashine Plus first. This really plumps up the area and the Multi Threads go in smooth. I will be using the 30-gauge 4mm Meso tip, also from Acecosm.

The Multi Threads I am using are the 29-gauge 30 mm. Multi Threads are 5 threads in one thread. I keep them on hand at all times. Really a good bang for your buck. These are not a hard Thread to lay and they give excellent payoff.  We are going to place a few of these Threads right through the High Cheek Area.

YouTube Video posted below.

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