Holiday Lips – Russian Technique with Aquashine Plus and PDO Threads


Today we are going to do Holiday Lips.  As you can tell I have a very tiny top lip.  It’s time to plump them up!

On my calendar it looks like I will be able to make it until Christmas.  I normally get about 6 weeks.

We are going to use Aquashine Plus and Neogenesis PDO 31g x 25mm.  You are going to want to numb for this treatment.  Both products are from Get Glowing Now Skin Care.

When I use Aquashine Plus, I use it the same way I would go in with Filler for the Russian Technique.  I am working with a 30g x 4mm syringe.  Aquashine Plus is moldable and it settles in beautifully.

Both Aquashine and Aquashine Plus are considered a Meso Treatment.  I love this product and it is so dependable and safe for us to use.

Next we will be going in with Threads.  I am really enjoying these 31g x 25mm.  With the Threads I am going right along the Vermillion Border. The 31g is the smalles guage that I am aware of.

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