Lip Volume using PDO Threads

Hello Classy Friends, today I wanted to come to you and talk about lips a little more.

Now my lips look nice and plump because I have just put quite a bit of Aquashine in them. I also did a lip flip about 10 days ago.

Today I have numbed up pretty good because I will be doing major threads in my lips.  The pattern I am showing is a pattern that I have never used in my lips.  At first I was like:   “that’s just a whole lot in the lip”.  But sometimes it takes a whole lot of threads when you have little lips.

I am working with 31-gauge 12mm threads from Glamderma.  These threads lay beautifully.  Keep in mind they have a have a heavier head on them.  When you put so many in, they are going to want to come out.  I like to let my threads settle.  I have less bleeding when I do.

YouTube Video is posted below.

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