Hello Friends. I have several things to talk about.

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  • Saxenda – I gained two pounds during the Holidays. I was prepared
    for this mentally and I ate well. I didn’t go for a whole cheesecake bit I ate a slice of it instead. I plan on losing another 20 pounds and then we will assess.

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So today we’re going to lay some threads in my forehead. It is time for me to do Tox. Before I do my Tox, I am going to treat my entire forehead with Threads. I really like mixing Tox and Threads.  Today I am using 30-gauge 25mm Neogeneis PDO Threads from Get Glowing Now Skincare. These are one of my favorite Threads. They are a dream and lay beautifully and I love the quick payoff.

YouTube Video posted below.

Image Credit:  Get Glowing Now Skincare

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