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Under Eye – Tear Trough – Rejuner – Biostimulator
Showing you how to do the Tenting Method Under...
Tear Trough | 31g 25mm PDO Thread
Tear Trough | 31g 25mm PDO Thread Today I am...
Under Chin Lift | Screw Thread Ladder | To Address Sagging Skin
Website VideoWebsite Video:
Breast Lift with Boom PDO Threads
I've been planning this for about 3 weeks. ...
Fix Down Turned Mouth with PDO Threads
This thread pattern I am going to do, is for the...
Message from the Heart and some Multi Threads
Hello friends. Iit's getting very close to...
Lip Flip Vermillion Border | 30 guage 12mm Threads
Lip Flip Vermillion Border | 30 guage 12mm...
How to Get a Cog Thread to Settle
I have been working on 2 Cog Thread Kickups and...
Jawline and Neck Snatched
Website VideoWebsite Video:
Plumping up Mature Lips for a Natural Look using Celosome Aqua and PDO Threads
Today I'm working with Celosome Aqua from...
Lip Flip using CogThreads – Failure
Holy crap !!! Yes yes I have failures !!! Today...
Lip Filler – Screw Threads
Website VideoWebsite Video:
Meso with Salmon Sperm? Elaxen PDRN
Salmon Sperm - Salmon DNA!   Why?  Because it’s...
Down Turned Mouth | DAOs | Ear Lobes | Aquashine | G-Line Gold Threads 99.99% |
Let's call this a manic Monday.  Today I will be...
NEW  Tox – Dehantox –

NEW Tox – Dehantox –

TOTALLY shook over the NEW TOX - Dehantox from Acecosm!  Surgery update in todays video. YouTube Video posted below.Image Credit:  AcecosmFeatured ProductsDehantox | AcecosmWebsite Video:

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Jawline and The Aging Face – Beginner Threads

Jawline and The Aging Face – Beginner Threads

I love working with all Thread sizes . This is one of my very favorite threads 30g 25mm from Get Glowing Now Skin Care. These are very smooth Threads to lay and you can place them anywhere . I use PDO because they give me quick pay off . I like to see results soon !!!...

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HA Threads instead of Filler for Lips

HA Threads instead of Filler for Lips

I absolutely love the new HA Threads from Acecosm!!! I've not been so impressed with a new thread in a long time !!! Just adding a bit of volume to my Lips I only use 3 threads and BAM its done. YouTube Video posted below.  Featured ProductsHA Threads Mono |...

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